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Italian granny – Italian nonne doing what?

Let’s be honest, we all love Italian nonne. Whether you actually have one or you’d simply enjoy how iconic they are in Italian and Italian-American culture, grandparents are a real treasure. Let’s talk about Italian grandmother now! As many of our most faithful readers may know — I tend to mention this a lot in my articles — I was brought up with my grandparents, so I am among those Italians who owe everything they…

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Arancini recipe

Arancini are a dish typical of Sicily, known all around the World. They are considered a street food, as you find them ready in cafes and delis in the streets of Italy, but they also make a great starter. They are not too difficult to prepare, so you can try to make your own at home. Always remember that the quality of ingredients makes the difference! Now, enjoy the Italian accent! [ad_2]

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