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The 5 best Italian bars according to the Gambero Rosso

Italians, as we all know, love bars. The café is the place where everyone gathers for conviviality and meetings, from breakfast to apéritif , passing through the day’s intermediate breaks, appetizers, snacks, and quick lunches. The guide Bar D’Italia 2024 was presented in Milan’s Manzoni Theatre. A ranking based on Chicchi e Tazzine is an assessment of the coffee offer. The Gambero Rosso investigation resulted in a list of the 45 most known bars in…

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Do we eat Blue Crab in Italy?

It’s been all over the news, newspapers, and social media in recent weeks. It is currently one of the most popular and speculative issues in Italy. Yes, it’s the deadly Blue Royal Crab (Callinectes sapidus). The most contentious concerns in this regard concern the preservation of the ecosystem, ethology, and the ethical values of those who are called to find a solution to the current predicament. But what do we Italians, famed for our culinary…

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Pizzicagnoli: a journey through history and tradition

The term pizzicagnolo is never out of style. You may be wondering what this term means and why it is so important in Italian cuisine. This article will explain who the pizzicagnoli are, what they did in the past, and, most importantly, how they influenced Italian gastronomy!Since the 14th century, it has been a key professional figure. Its role has evolved and changed in a variety of ways over time. Younger children may have never…

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History of the Italian Bar

Which came first, the Bar or the Caffè?Sipping a coffee at a table outside a bar is a daily habit for most Italians, including myself. In Bolsena, my house is directly above the Bar in the main square. In the morning, I like to go down the stairs and have a cappuccino and croissant (brioche) while reading the newspaper (usually the bars provide a newspaper to read). But what were the causes? Venice, gateway to…

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Le Marche: The most popular gastronomic products

As a marchigiano (native of le Marche) who lives in this region, I can attest to the Marche’s scenic beauty and culinary tradition. The cuisine is made up of simple and authentic flavors. In most cases, they are built around high-quality ingredients that have been grown and produced locally for generations. Tradition has it that way.In this article, I will introduce you to the most iconic products and culinary traditions of my region! Instead, I…

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Baci Perugina Spread Cream | A Gianduia + Chocolate Love

The famous chocolatier from Perugia has announced the Baci Perugina spreadable cream. It’s nutty, delicious, and yummy. Indeed, the perfect competition for Nutella. Welcome, Baci Perugina spreadable cream The international food chain Nestlé has launched the spread of the iconic Baci Perugina, baci meaning kisses . The base comes from the famous dome-shaped chocolates, with tiny bits of nuts. Although the best part is the note wrapped around the Baci. Every note features inspiring or…

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