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The 26th edition of the National White Truffle Fair of Pergola concludes on Sunday, October 15

The 26th edition of the Pergola National White Truffle Fair draws the tide towards the final event on Sunday, October 15. The last two gatherings (on October 1st and 8th) were very successful. You must not miss out on (free entrance)! The final day of the 2023 event will be packed with activities, including the presence of two-starred chefs. Cooking shows and tastings will lead to a synthesis of narration, performance, and taste, all in…

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Pizzicagnoli: a journey through history and tradition

The term pizzicagnolo is never out of style. You may be wondering what this term means and why it is so important in Italian cuisine. This article will explain who the pizzicagnoli are, what they did in the past, and, most importantly, how they influenced Italian gastronomy!Since the 14th century, it has been a key professional figure. Its role has evolved and changed in a variety of ways over time. Younger children may have never…

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