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The 5 best Italian bars according to the Gambero Rosso

Italians, as we all know, love bars. The café is the place where everyone gathers for conviviality and meetings, from breakfast to apéritif , passing through the day’s intermediate breaks, appetizers, snacks, and quick lunches. The guide Bar D’Italia 2024 was presented in Milan’s Manzoni Theatre. A ranking based on Chicchi e Tazzine is an assessment of the coffee offer. The Gambero Rosso investigation resulted in a list of the 45 most known bars in…

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History of the Italian Bar

Which came first, the Bar or the Caffè?Sipping a coffee at a table outside a bar is a daily habit for most Italians, including myself. In Bolsena, my house is directly above the Bar in the main square. In the morning, I like to go down the stairs and have a cappuccino and croissant (brioche) while reading the newspaper (usually the bars provide a newspaper to read). But what were the causes? Venice, gateway to…

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Italian Aperitivo – The history of the Italian aperitif

Aperitivo is joyous and mood-lifting. It relaxes you after a day of work or prepares you for the night to come. You have many choices, from alcoholic to non-alcoholic beverages. The Italian aperitif features an endless menu of snacks and drinks. The Italian aperitivo is a tradition, enjoyed both by young adults and elders. An ancient tradition still lives in modern-day Italy. It’s the Italian aperitivo, aka the drink before a meal. The tradition of…

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