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The 26th edition of the National White Truffle Fair of Pergola concludes on Sunday, October 15

The 26th edition of the Pergola National White Truffle Fair draws the tide towards the final event on Sunday, October 15. The last two gatherings (on October 1st and 8th) were very successful. You must not miss out on (free entrance)!

The final day of the 2023 event will be packed with activities, including the presence of two-starred chefs. Cooking shows and tastings will lead to a synthesis of narration, performance, and taste, all in the name of quality, from execution technique to raw materials.

The 26th edition of the National White Truffle Fair of Pergola
The 26th edition of the National White Truffle Fair of Pergola

The event’s program – October 15th

Following the inauguration of the food stalls at 10 a.m., chef Nikita Sergeev of the restaurant L’Arcade will deliver the dish La Musicata: capasanta alla Rossini with His Majesty the white truffle at 11 a.m. Instead, at 19.00, we will discover chef Errico Recanati of the restaurant Andreina, who will make Dalla Baia alla Montagna: shrimp, porcino mushrooms, and truffle. Both tastings are accompanied by wines from Fattoria Villa Ligi, Cantina Rovelli, and Cantina Terracruda and may be booked online by clicking here, by email at [email protected], or by phone at +39 0722 327831.

The famous chefs will not confine the meeting to only this. In addition, on the Sunday of the festival, at 17.00, the Premio F.lli Guzzini to career will be presented to chef Lucio Pompili of the restaurant Symposium di Cartocet at the Teatro dei Golosi. He’s a well-known Italian chef and the dean of Michelin-starred Marche cuisine. He has helped to write the last forty years of Italian cuisine with his dishes, particularly when it comes to games, which he is the indisputable master of.

The 26th edition of the National White Truffle Fair of Pergola
One of the stands of the event – Pergola

“We organized this edition with quality in mind”, said Sabrina Santelli, Councillor for Tourism in the Municipality of Pergola, and so far, “this decision is yielding the desired results. An approach that has put the event’s starred chefs and their outstanding abilities in the spotlight. A crucial component because all six chefs with one Michelin star participating represent the entire Marche area consistently. A challenge won with the goal of seeing the Marche unified and cohesive in the promotion of our region and the masters of food as a testament to excellence.”

The program is described in greater detail below

10 a.m. Fair and booth opening.
11 a.m. Pergola Truffle Show. Cooking demonstration with the Firmament’s fifth-starred chef, Nikita Sergeev of the Arcade Restaurant, at Portico del Gusto.

12 a.m. Truffle Race. Arrival of the classic Italian sub-Alpine railway train.

4 p.m. Concerts by Shampisti, the Devil & Acquasanta, and The Fottutissimi.

5 p.m. Golosi Theatre. Typimedia’s presentation of the book l’Italia del Tartufo and the awarding of the Premio F.lli Guzzini to chef Lucio Pompili

The 26th edition of the National White Truffle Fair of Pergola - Chef Lucio Pompili
Chef Lucio Pompili at the Teatro dei Golosi

7 p.m. Pergola Truffle Show. Cooking demonstration with Errico Recanati, sixth-starred chef and owner of the restaurant L’Andreina, on the porch of taste.

8.30 p.m. Gala dinner at the Hotel Ristorante Giardino in San Lorenzo in Campo in partnership with the group I Cenatori, with chef Rosaria Morganti of the Restaurant Due Cigni in attendance.

Pergola’s National White Truffle Fair – a delectable occasion

His Majesty the White Truffle
His Majesty the White Truffle

For the past 26 years, a historic city with a medieval scent has hosted the National Fair. It is Pergola, a town of a few thousand people in the Marche hinterland. The truffle is a true soil treasure in this region. From October 1 to December 31, His Majesty the white truffle (Tuber magnatum pico) is harvested. There’s also the rare black truffle (tuber melanosporum Vittadini, sometimes known as tuber brumale). The truffle, the magnificent protagonist and knight of Pergola, is gathered in a village surrounded by charming and intriguing surroundings.

Pergola is rich in medieval architecture, with stone buildings, pointed entrances, and tower houses, confirming the city’s importance across time. Its national white truffle fair honors the amazing Italian heritage of collecting the diamond of the woods with passion and competence. Every year, citizens provide an irresistible opportunity to immerse yourself in the magic of truffles, sample gourmet foods, and see the beauty of Pergola’s region.

Whether you are a seasoned gastronome or simply inquisitive about real cuisine, this fair will surprise and please you. So, don’t miss out on next year’s event and treat yourself to an exciting voyage in quest of the wealth lying beneath the country of Italy. It will be an encounter that will gratify all of your senses and stay with you for a long time. We eagerly await the next occasion to sample the white truffle and discover the enchantment of Pergola!

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