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The 5 best Italian bars according to the Gambero Rosso

Italians, as we all know, love bars. The café is the place where everyone gathers for conviviality and meetings, from breakfast to apéritif , passing through the day’s intermediate breaks, appetizers, snacks, and quick lunches.

The guide Bar D’Italia 2024 was presented in Milan’s Manzoni Theatre. A ranking based on Chicchi e Tazzine is an assessment of the coffee offer. The Gambero Rosso investigation resulted in a list of the 45 most known bars in Italy that provide excellent and competent service. Today, I’d like to offer you the best of the best, the top five bars in the rating, so that you can join them if you’re in Italy.

Moreno Faina gives the Award Illy Bar of the Year 2024 to Titti Traina, wife of Paolo Griffa | Credit

What is “Gambero Rosso”

Gambero Rosso is an Italian publishing house that revolves around enology and food. The publication of guides on the best Italian restaurants, pastry shops, and wines has made it highly renowned. It is also well-known for formations, television broadcasts, and monthly and weekly digital journals on wine economics. It portrays the saper vivere or the Italian way of life, impartially and with expert information.

Tre chicchi e tre tazzine

Tre chicchi e tre tazzine (Three beans and three cups) represents the highest recognition a bar can achieve and provides a very high quality for the consumer. It includes businesses that provide an exceptional and all-around experience. More specifically, coffee assessors use this technique to evaluate the quality of the coffee offered and the overall proposal.The award recognizes vision and attention to detail in realities that are able to combine a high level of contemporaneity with a respect for tradition.

Paolo Griffa of the Caffè Nazionale received the Illy Bar award for the 2024 edition. He was given this great prize for, among other things, its tremendous commitment to sustainability, which is something we’re trying to emphasize more and more.

the best Italian bars - Paolo Griffa
The chef Paolo Griffa at Caffè Nazionale | Credit

The top 5

1. Paolo Griffa at Caffè Nazionale (Aosta)

It’s a pretty new bar, and as stated on the website’s homepage, it’s a historic yet odd location! Paolo Griffa, the restaurant’s skilled hands, proudly employs only zero-kilometer items. Despite its pastry-making, the Caffè Nazionale is much more. Here, you can find excellent cocktails, a superior restaurant, and an unrivaled location. What exactly are you waiting for? Aosta is ready for you!

the best Italian bars - Caffè Nazionale
Paolo Griffa at Caffè Nazionale | Credit

2. Converso (Bra)

The Piedmont province of Cuneo embraces its well-deserved silver medal with open arms. Former member of the Italian Historical Premises Association, which is supported by the Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities. There is now an award of tre chicchi e tre tazzine for this rededication of love and professionalism. The Converso bar‘s true strength is its high-quality gastronomy and confectionary manufacture. Since 1838, the restaurant has been serving wonderful breakfasts to get your day started right.

3. Baratti & Milano (Torino)

The local on the podium’s lowest step opened in 1858. It is a really special place, with a classic and exceptionally refined taste, that quickly established itself as a center of elegance and sophisticated meeting. It is still one of the most exquisite spots in Turin to enjoy hot chocolate and pastries nowadays. According to the owners, despite the passage of more than 160 years, the company’s ideology has remained consistent, remaining true to its origins, tradition, and quality.

Bar Baratti&Milano
A Baratti&Milano stained glass window, elegance at will | Credit

4. Caffè San Carlo (Torino)

It is one of our country’s oldest clubs. It was founded in 1822 as Caffè di Piazza d’Armi and received its current name in the early 1900s. The Caffè San Carlo was, without a doubt, one of the most prominent cultural and leisure centers of the period, and it quickly became a point of reference for famous intellectuals such as Benedetto Croce and Luigi Einaudi. Do you want to know anything strange? It was the first local in Europe to be lit by gas lamps, ushering in a significant transformation. If you happen to be walking through the arcades of Piazza San Carlo, you know where to relax!

the best Italian bars - Bar San Carlo
The bar San Carlo, what elegance! | Credit

5. Bar Zucca (Torino)

It has lately received a more modern makeover, moving from its original location beneath the arcades to via Gramsci. Today, it has become a must for turinese people, a modern, well-cozy, and above all, sophisticated setting.

Bar Zucca in Turin
The facade of the Bar Zucca in Turin | Credit

From north to south, these hidden treasures can tantalize even the most discriminating palate. So, the next time you visit this magnificent country, remember to raise your glass and salute to Italy in its best bars. Remember, Italy is always top when it comes to coffee, wine, and aperitifs! Greetings and salutations!

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