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Pizzafest in Naples Italy – The World’s Largest celebration of pizza

In Napoli, otherwise Naples, Italy is the world’s largest Pizzafest (the festival of pizza) celebrated each year. There are thousands of pizza lovers visiting Naples for the Pizzafest, to try the best, most famous pizzas’ from Naples, Italy. If you’re wondering what to do next year, and you love pizza as much as we do, you should definitely consider a trip to Naples during this delicious festival.

The world’s largest celebration of pizza: Pizzafest in Naples, Italy

pizzafest naples

Pizza and Naples go hand in hand. “Ma tu vuliv a’ pizz” are the lyrics of a famous Neapolitan song directed to a woman who only wanted to eat pizza. Do you only want pizza, too? If so, you should take part in the Pizzafest, Italy at least once in your life.

The Pizzafest is a fair taking place in Naples, and it is the greatest celebration of pizza in Italy. Everybody knows that pizza was born in Naples and this is why such a “delicious” event takes place in the city.  The first pizza day was arranged in Naples in 1995, with the Maschio Angioino as the breathtaking backdrop to the event.

The Pizzafest’ in Naples, Italy popularity is such that some towns have now created similar initiatives, although nothing can be quite compared to Naples’ fair. The visitors at Napoli Pizza Village can enjoy different varieties of Pizza, and there are different activities in the city all day/night long. The Pizzafest is celebrated for 11 days long on a 30000 sqm territory in Naples, which is called the previously mentioned Napoli Pizza Village.

Pizzafest in Naples, Italy


Naples holds this event in honor of pizza every year: for 5 to 11 days. The most famous pizzerie from all over the world, compete against renowned local pizzaioli, who set up stands with tables where people can sit and taste different varieties of pizzas. At the end of the week-long celebration, a jury will judge, also by taking into account the opinion of all those who ate at the Pizzafest, the various pizzas and proclaim the best pizzaiolo in the world.

During the event of Pizzafest, you can see talented chefs showing their talents, making pizza to the visitors on the spot, showing the process as well. It’s a great trip idea for foodies to visit Naples for the pizza festival.

The Pizzafest is hosting many events where the judges decide on the best pizza in the world. There are many conditions and criteria for this competition. To win the best pizza of the year competition, the pizzas are judged after taste, creativity, presentation, and how much people liked it. You should consider a piece for your bucket list to eat pizza in Italy with your family, friends, or even alone anyway, but if you’ve got the chance, don’t miss the Pizzafest.

Types of Italian pizza and other details about the Pizzafest

Pizza nowadays comes in all flavors and varieties, but the most loved is still the traditional Margherita, with pummarola, tomato sauce, and mozzarella cheese. Along with the Margherita, the other famous Italian pizza like Marinara, Bufala, Capricciosa, and Diavola are really popular. Considering now just the traditional types of pizza.

There are different shows, concerts, dancing possibilities, and types of different parties organized in the city of Naples during the pizza festival. It’s an allure of great food, aromas, and an amazing atmosphere for a week or so!

Are you ready for the best pizza experience of your life?

You’re still wondering what are the best things to do in Naples? Pizzafest is the right event for all pizza lovers who want to attend the world’s largest fair dedicated to this amazing food, as well as being a great occasion to visit the beautiful and charming Naples.

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