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Italian granny – Italian nonne doing what?

Let’s be honest, we all love Italian nonne. Whether you actually have one or you’d simply enjoy how iconic they are in Italian and Italian-American culture, grandparents are a real treasure. Let’s talk about Italian grandmother now!

As many of our most faithful readers may know — I tend to mention this a lot in my articles — I was brought up with my grandparents, so I am among those Italians who owe everything they are to nonna and nonno, including a penchant for eating good food in large quantities and, I am not shy to admit it, quite the hand at making it, too.

Italian grandmothers – Nonne

My grandmas would be 103 and 102 respectively, should they still be here with us today, women of different times and of a different world indeed: I don’t think either of them would have even considered buying a frozen meal, let alone serve it to the family.

However, they had both lived through the war (which means they never wasted food, nor refused it on the basis they “didn’t like it”), and would have been up to a culinary challenge of the sort, just like the one proposed to the two modern Italian nonne of the video below.

The people at Buzzfeed made a short series of videos dedicated to Italian grannies trying dubious, “Italian-sounding” food for the first time, and let me tell you: their reactions are priceless.

Here they are, face to face with frozen pizzas, ready to remind us that “real” food is better and that Italian nonne are — and always will be — invaluable gems!

The Italian granny and pizza

So, how’s your pizza? Italian grannies try frozen pizza in this Buzzfeed video

As food is sacre in Italy, as well as the taste of it, the ingredients… Whatever we eat, it should be done on high quality, with love. When you say that “I have 15 minutes to cook something” I must remind you, that most Italian pasta dishes can be actually done in 15 minutes! Then, remember how amazing those pasta dishes are!

Italian grandma trying frozen pasta


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