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Some curiosities pizza lovers should know

Pizza is considered the traditional dish par excellence in Italy, and it is certainly a classical recipe, rooted in historical as well as culinary heritage.

Everybody knows what pizza is and how tasty it is. In fact, it is one of the most famous Italian products world-wide, even in the most hidden corners of the planet. However, there are some curiosities not everybody may know, like where the longest pizza in the world is made, which pizza is the most expensive and who invented it, and that fried pizza and whole-wheat pizzas are two delicious alternatives to traditional baked, white flour pizzas.

The longest pizza in the world

Eating an ever-lasting pizza is probably a dream for many a pizza lover all over the world: albeit it’s hard to believe anybody will ever be able to fulfil it, some have tried to satisfy pizza fans’ hunger by baking the longest pizza in the world. In July 2017 a Californian pizza beat the Neapolitan record: 1.9 kilometers (6.333 feet) against the 1.8 kilometers made in Naples in 2016. Of course Neapolitan pizzaioli are planning to take their record back. We will see this year if they will succeed.

The longest pizza
The longest pizza

The most expensive pizza in the world

The most expensive pizza was invented by the pizzaiolo Renato Viola, a famous member of the acrobatic team of national pizzaioli. The name of the pizza is Luigi XII, coming from the name of the cognac Louis XII Rémy Martin. This pizza is worth a lot of money: a good 8,300 euros.

The ingredients of this pizza make it cost an arm and a leg: biological certified flour and Australian pink salt, three types of caviar, red prawns, lobster, sea cicada, fish eggs and Cognac Louis XII Remy Martin. Moreover, it is also served with a champagne bottle.

The famous fried pizza

This pizza is cooked in Naples. The pastry of the usual pizza is fried in a saucepan and it swells up. When ready, it is served with fresh tomato sauce, basil and parmesan cheese. A delight of taste for all those who love pizza!

The whole-wheat pizza

One can find several types of pizza and there is room for every particular invention. However, not everyone may know that a pizza made with whole-wheat also exists. A convenient creation for all those who watch their weight but don’t want to renounce to pizza. In fact, this type of pizza was made for all the people who want to eat a less fatty pizza but don’t want to remove it from their diet.


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